Lately I’ve really been getting into the bands thenewno2 and Fistful of Mercy, both founded (or co-founded) by Dhani Harrison. And yes, he’s George Harrison’s son, but really Dhani has taken his own path in life— in music and otherwise (he studied physics and design in college!) and doesn’t sit on his laurels as a son of “rock royalty.”

Fistful of Mercy, a “super-group” composed of Harrison, Joseph Arthur, and Ben Harper, is more immediately to my tastes— their gorgeous 3-part harmonies instantly invite a comparison to Crosby, Stills, & Nash. The musicianship of these three men (plus their guest violinist, Jessy Green)— who composed and recorded their entire debut album in only three days!— is absolutely phenomenal, and even a little intimidating! They recently did a charming interview on NPR’s “World Cafe.”

thenewno2 is what I would call an “electro rock” group and therefore not what I would “usually” listen to, but much like Coldplay, the complex compositions have grown on me with time. Harrison and his “band members” (although he dislikes the connotation of the word “band”) are part of the New Generation of musicians pioneering new and different ways to bridge the gap between the Artist and the Fans without a Major Record Label in the middle. (Check out this video for Dhani’s own explanation!) Recommended track: Wind Up Dead.

My favorite song is this stomping, bluesy number by Fistful of Mercy called “Father’s Son.”

(Also check out this great live version!)

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